Let Maggie help you find love! 

Internet dating has changed the rules for who’s in charge of first dates; women now lead the dance (albeit, carefully so as to not step on any toes). One hundred years ago, women’s worlds (and choices) were small. But all of this changed with the globalization of information.

Maggie has written a book titled, “The New Dance; A Woman’s Guide to Internet Dating in Ten Easy Steps.” This book is written in ten dance steps; as a ten-step process for identifying and finding what you want in a relationship with a man (or men), using the internet.  It will first be available in print and later on kindle.

Maggie also has a team of professional coaches to help you in your journey.  You can book one or a series of coaching sessions via Skype.  See the “Coaching” tab for more information or book now at this link: _____________

Life is a journey. Let Maggie help you learn to use the internet to find love or whatever you seek in a relationship with a man!

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